Inframe Overhaul Kit C15 Caterpillar ACERT MXS BXS NXS

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Caterpillar ACERT C15 MXS BXS NXS Inframe Overhaul Kit – New


Elevate the performance and longevity of your Caterpillar C15 ACERT engine with our premium Caterpillar ACERT C15 MXS BXS NXS Inframe Overhaul Kit. Meticulously designed for heavy-duty applications, this comprehensive overhaul kit ensures your engine operates at peak efficiency, delivering the power and reliability you expect from Caterpillar.


Key Features


Comprehensive Kit Components


  • 6 x Liner Kits (Includes set of o-rings)
  • 6 x Piston
  • 6 x Piston Ring-Sets
  • 6 x Piston Pins & Retainers
  • 1 x Head Gasket Set
  • 1 x Main Bearing Set (Std.)
  • 1 x Rod Bearing Set (Std.)
  • 1 x Thrust Washer Set
  • 1 x Set of Injector O-Rings
  • 1 x Rocker Cover Gasket
  • 1 x Oil Pan Gasket


Our inframe overhaul kit includes all the essential components required for a complete engine rebuild:


  • Pistons and Rings: High-performance pistons and rings designed for optimal combustion efficiency and reduced oil consumption.


  • Cylinder Liners: Durable liners that maintain precise tolerances and reduce wear and tear, extending engine life.


  • Rod and Main Bearings: Premium-quality bearings that ensure smooth operation and longevity by minimizing friction.


  • Gaskets and Seals: A full set of gaskets and seals, including head gaskets and oil pan gaskets, to prevent leaks and maintain engine integrity.


  • Inframe Kits: Comprehensive inframe components for a thorough and effective engine overhaul.


Exceptional Durability


  • OEM Quality: Our components meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit and reliable performance.


  • High-Strength Materials: Crafted from top-quality materials, our overhaul kit is built to withstand the most challenging conditions, ensuring long-term durability and resilience.


Enhanced Engine Performance


  • Fuel Efficiency: Precision-engineered parts optimize fuel consumption, resulting in significant cost savings over the engine’s lifespan.


  • Power Restoration: Restore your engine’s original power and performance, leading to smoother operation and improved responsiveness.


  • Reduced Emissions: Advanced engineering helps reduce harmful emissions, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.




  • Engine Models: Designed for Caterpillar C15 ACERT engines with MXS, BXS, and NXS serial number prefixes.


  • Applications: Ideal for a variety of heavy-duty applications, including construction equipment, commercial trucks, and industrial machinery.


Ease of Installation


  • User-Friendly Design: Our kit is designed for straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and labor costs.


  • Comprehensive Instructions: Detailed instructions guide you through the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Why Choose Our Caterpillar ACERT C15 Inframe Overhaul Kit?


At Heavy Duty Parts Company, we understand the critical role of reliability and performance in heavy-duty equipment. Our Caterpillar ACERT C15 Inframe Overhaul Kit is engineered to the highest standards, ensuring your engine remains a powerhouse in your fleet. Here’s why you should choose our overhaul kit:


  • Quality Assurance: Each component is rigorously tested to ensure it meets our strict quality standards.


  • Expert Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns, ensuring you have the support you need for a successful overhaul.


  • Comprehensive Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.


Order Now


Upgrade your Caterpillar ACERT C15 engine with confidence. Order our Inframe Overhaul Kit today and experience unparalleled performance, durability, and efficiency. Visit Heavy Duty Parts Company to place your order or contact us for more information.


Invest in the longevity and efficiency of your engine with our premium Caterpillar ACERT C15 MXS BXS NXS Inframe Overhaul Kit – your trusted partner in heavy-duty engine maintenance.

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