2882059 | Caterpillar C15 3406E Loaded Complete Reinforced Universal New Cylinder Head | 3802577

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Upgrade your engine with our high-performance Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Head, designed for durability and optimal efficiency in both ACERT and Non-ACERT engines. Engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications, this new cylinder head provides reliable performance for Caterpillar 3406E engines from 1993 to 2007. Perfect for heavy-duty applications, it ensures long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance costs.


2882059 | Caterpillar C15 3406E Loaded Complete Reinforced Universal New Cylinder Head | 3802577

Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Head | Reinforced & Ready to Install

Product Overview: Enhanced Cylinder Head for Your Caterpillar C15 Engine

Upgrade your Caterpillar C15 engine with our premium reinforced cylinder head. This high-quality component fits both Acert and Non-Acert Caterpillar C15 3406E engines from 1993 to 2007. We’ve redesigned the cylinder head to address common issues like cracking and valve train failures, ensuring smooth and reliable engine performance. Therefore, you can count on enhanced durability and efficiency.

Key Features of Our Reinforced Cylinder Head

  • Superior Material Composition: Constructed from high-strength nickel alloys, this cylinder head offers excellent resistance to cracking and warping. Consequently, it can withstand high stress and thermal loads.
  • Advanced Cooling System: Integrated cooling channels improve heat dissipation, therefore preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of the cylinder head. As a result, your engine stays cooler and runs more efficiently.
  • Precision Valve Configuration: Engineered with precision valve seats and guides, our cylinder head ensures optimal sealing and airflow. Thus, enhancing engine efficiency and performance.
  • Long-Term Durability: With additional support structures and a robust design, this cylinder head reduces the frequency of replacements and minimizes maintenance costs. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining continuous operation with less downtime.
  • Pre-Assembled Components: The cylinder head comes pre-assembled with valves, springs, retainers, valve locks, high-temperature Viton valve stem seals, and standard-size cam bearings. Hence, this setup makes installation easy and straightforward.

Technical Specifications

  • Fits: Caterpillar C15 3406E Acert and Non-Acert engines
  • Displacement: 14.6L, 15.2L
  • Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
  • Year Range: 1993-2007
  • Engine Type: SOHC Diesel, electronic and non-electronic
  • Cylinders: L6
  • Stroke: 6.7320″
  • Bore: 5.4000″-5.4020″
  • Valve Adjustment: Intake .015″, Exhaust .030″
  • Engine Serial Numbers: 1LW, 1MM, 2WS, 5DS, 5EK, 6BR, 9WR, 6TS, JRE, JAS, RLA, B5R, NXS, BXS, MHP, MXS, SDP, BEM, 6NZ, 9NZ, Z2C, EGH, MBN
  • Part Numbers: 10R9548, 10R9549, 20R0409, 20R2647, 20R2648, 223-7263, 223-9250, 223-9251, 234-5985, 235-2974, 235-3178, 243-0943, 243-6741, 243-9185, 244-6893, 263-4890, 263-4892, 263-5054, 263-5055, 267-2060, 267-2063, 274-1953, 281-1640, 295-0599, 312-8590, 314-7316, 318-0476, 318-0504, 349-2652, 432-5470

Benefits of Upgrading Your Cylinder Head

  • Enhanced Engine Performance: Improved airflow and optimized combustion efficiency allow your engine to produce more power and operate more smoothly. Thus, it’s crucial for demanding applications.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency: Optimized combustion leads to more complete fuel burning, which can improve fuel economy and reduce operational costs. Therefore, you can save significantly on fuel expenses.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Costs: The durability of the reinforced cylinder head means fewer replacements and repairs. Hence, it translates to cost savings and less downtime.
  • Reliable Performance: This robust cylinder head ensures consistent performance even under the harshest conditions. As a result, it’s ideal for sectors like transportation, construction, and mining, where reliability is key.

Why Choose a Reinforced Cylinder Head?

The cylinder head in a heavy-duty engine like the Caterpillar C15 3406E endures extreme pressures and temperatures. Over time, these conditions can cause wear, cracking, and other damage. Thus, our reinforced cylinder head uses stronger materials and advanced engineering techniques to enhance durability and extend the component’s lifespan.

12-Month Warranty for Peace of Mind

Moreover, you’re covered by a 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment. In addition, it ensures you have support should any issues arise.

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